re.fresh 500.00

re.fresh 500.00

Using what you already have, we help breathe new life into your apartment or space. Embracing your life as it is.

One in home initial consultation| Here we see what you have, the layout of your space and make a plan as to how we are going to change things around. We adjust the layout and suggest organization tips. We chat about creating rituals and good habits for maintaining a beautiful, peaceful home.

We’ll create a custom visual story board for you and your needs

We create a small accessories shopping list

On the day of the re.fresh we will provide fresh florals

As a gift we give you a custom scented or unscented candle

One refresh day | Together we move and shift your existing furniture and beloved items to create a space that works better for your mind and your needs. We’ll bring some fresh florals, a candle and run through daily rituals for maintaining your space. We’ll chat about future opportunities for your home.