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A complete redesign of your existing furniture and some major finishes (wall colour, flooring suggestion etc). Together we’ll make a plan for the new vibe, aesthetic and appeal you want your home to have.

One in home initial consultation: here we see what you have, the layout of your space and make a plan as to how we are going to change things around, adjust the layout and suggest organization tips. We’ll take a look at your current floor plan and draw out an ideal scenario including new furniture and minor renos.

We’ll chat about creating rituals and good habits for maintaining a beautiful, peaceful home. We’ll make a list of small items to purchase that will enhance your home and create an environment that suits your unique needs.

Two shopping days where we’ll collect beautiful new items for your home and place new orders.

One order template and sheet outlining all the items we purchased.

We’ll provide new finish selections, guide you to our favorite well-established resources in the city and extend our trade discounts to you. We’ll also provide you the contact information for our favorite contractor.

We’ll be available for text message support and order management

Visual story board perfectly curated for you and your passions

We create a small accessories shopping list

On the day of the re.fresh we provide fresh florals

As a gift we give you a custom scented or unscented candle

One - Two styling days | We’ll move and shift your existing furniture and beloved items to create a space that works better for your mind and your needs. We’ll add and incorporate new items. We’ll bring some fresh florals and a candle and run through daily rituals for maintaining your space. We’ll fully scape your place with the new accessories you’ve purchased and your existing items. We’ll chat about future opportunities for your home.